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IF you have owned a Japanese Chin before, please enclose a photo of you with your Chin

1.     How did you find us, or who referred you to us ?

2.     Why have you decided to purchase a Japanese Chin ?

3.     Are you interested in a male or female puppy?

4.     What color puppy, black & white, or sable and white
do you want to have in order of preference ?

5.     Would you take a different sex or color if your first choice is unavailable ?

6.     Are you willing to wait up to 6 -12 months for your puppy ? Or what is your time frame ?

7.     What does your weekly routine entail ?
what does your weekend routine entail ?

8.     Would you be willing to contact us if you are ever unable care for your puppy any longer at any time during lifetime ?
Njoy Chin will ALWAYS take back ANY of our pups at ANY age should they need a home,
WHAT EVER THE REASON... please do not put our puppy in a shelter we will help you rehome !!

10.      Are you planning to drive to pick up your puppy ?
(We are located near Niagara Falls)
IF you are requiring puppy to be Shipped, you will need to hire a Pet Nanny Service
to accompany puppy, OR fly in to pick up your puppy in person.
If you wish to pick up your Puppy in Niagara Falls, NY
you will need to hire our Pet Transporter which starts at $600.00.
Japanese Chin are NOT allowed to fly "cargo" like other breeds of dogs because
of their flat faces.
*Click here to read more about Flying with your puppy

11.      Are you interested in Showing your Japanese Chin in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Lure Coursing, or Conformation?

12.      Njoy Chin places our pups as pets unless otherwise agreed to.
You understand, and you have agreed, that you are purchasing a pet, for our pet price.
Your puppy will remain in our name until after your pet puppy has been altered, before 12 months of age.
When NJoy Chin receives a photo of puppy, and proof of spay/neuter by email
we will sign over ownership of puppy, to you and send you out the registration papers

13.      Do you have a fenced in property ? Or what means do you have to keep the puppy safe and secure while in the yard ?

14. Do you understand the special care a toy breed requires
We have outlined some considerations on our Chin Puppy Care Page

15.      Where will the puppy be kept when you are not at home ?

16.      Where will the puppy sleep ?

17.      Who will the puppy be sharing their home with ?
(Please list all humans and or other animals)

18.      Is anyone living with you needing special care or disabled in any way ?

19.      What has made you consider a purchase from Njoy Japanese Chin

20. Have you owned and or raised a Puppy before ? and where are they now ?

21.      Do you agree to contact us, PRIOR to any doing any surgeries or
expensive, intrusive health investigations ?
(we may not have all the answers, but please give us a chance, to offer you alternative solutions)

22. What Vaccination Protocol, Flea Products, Heart Worm Products would you consider using on our puppy ?
Please keep in mind that these "products" are Toxins, extremely harmful and cause some
serious adverse reactions.

23. Are you registered with Paypal with a bank account ?
If you are not, you will run into issues trying to pay us, as Paypal has limits on non-Paypal members.
Please consider registering your bank account with them which will take up to 7 days to process.
We ONLY accept Paypal for deposits from USA people
(which if approved, we will send to you our PayPal email) for payments and for refunds.
(this means, do not use your Visa because we can't refund you)
AND we only accept e-transfers or cash from Canadians.
If picking up in person (in Canada or USA) = balance paid in Cash

24. Do you have any questions for us that are not contained on our Web Pages?