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NEVER EVER EVER.... give ORAL (by mouth) pesticides for flea/tick
Consider if you are dosing for flea/tick and heart worm how much pesticides you are putting into puppy.

Too many dogs have overdosed on these pesticides, recommended by Vets !
The flea pills and chews, all contain a pesticide called isoxazoline
They include products sold under the brand names
Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica and Credelio
Isoxazoline products have been associated with neurologic adverse reactions
including muscle tremors, ataxia (stumble or twitch) and horrible seizures.
Symptoms may appear mild even dismissed by owners the first few times.
Then symptoms escalate each dose given after, until they are found seizuring.

Vets will never suspect, or say they suspect, it is their pesticide that is the cause.
Oral Pesticides, are also slow release, for the most part and some dogs/pups will process
this poison at different rates, overdosing, if they process slower rate, than manufacturer plans.
Every dog is different.
So it is up to owners to educate themselves and be aware !

Where I live there are "0" flea or tick or heart worm.
So I will only dose ALL my dogs if I have been away and find a flea/tick
on one of my fur kids. I treat 1x everyone and DONE. No more doses.
My Chin get ONE DOSE, which will kill all the parasites found on them and their environment.

Adantix II is geared towards ticks
and with the escalating incidence of Ticks from imported "rescue-marts"
We now recommend if you are going to use anything, you might want to use Advantix.
Advantix you can get dispensed without any blood work or vet visit
and or you can buy at Petsmart USA instead of going to a Vet $$
and so far, this product has worked for us, when only used as "needed".
I have not used on a regular monthly basis, to offer insight on that.

I do want people to keep in mind that applying pesticides
is putting POISON into your puppies system
the same time you are compromising their immune system
with injecting diseases (vaccines) into their bodies that are growing.
That being said, if you live in a location where fleas and ticks
and heart worm is a huge concern and can harm your puppy
you do need to come up with a solution, the lesser of the evils.
Please consider not vaccinating when you are administering other products.
Break it up if at all possible. Also never give Rabies the same time as other vaccines.
Please do not "bombard" your puppy with toxins
if at all possible VETS DO NOT ALWAYS KNOW BEST !!

Vaccinosis, Cancer, Autoimmune issues, Seizure and death
can occur with any toxin you administer to your puppy or dog.

Njoy Chin do not have a flea, tick or mosquitoes issues where we live "yet".
Chin raised by us, are raised naturally and FREE of Toxins.
Because our Chin are breeding, we feel this is important for the health
of our Chin Parents and puppies they produce, to be as toxin free as possible.

Some Breeders/Owners use a natural spray of a CEDAR PRODUCT
in their yard and house to lesson the chance of flea
and or tick infestation in high risk areas.
Even using cedar mulch in garden areas.

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
If your dog has fleas and you’re looking for an effective, natural, non-toxic way to do
away with them, diatomaceous earth (DE) is a good solution.
Dogs naturally Article
Vet Article on using it